2016 - 2017
Welcome to Florence Township School District.

            The local district must provide free public education to “any person who is domiciled within the                    district: (NJSA 18A:38-1(a).  Domicile is where a person (parent or guardian) is eligible to vote,                    pays taxes, and has a “fixed” residence.

        ·   Change of Address Form – complete and return with proof of residency (see
            examples of proof below).

        ·    General Registration Enrollment Packet – (For Grades 1 - 12, also Preschool
             Early Intervention Program and Incoming Charter School 4thGrade Students).
             Registrations are accepted by appointment only.  Please read below for more
             information regarding the required registration forms and documents.  Once you
             have completed all forms and collected all documents, please contact
             Wendy Spera at 609-499-4600x1006

For Incoming Charter School 4th Grade Students: Appointments will be held during the week of June 20– 24, 2016.  The schedule for appointments will be available online after May 31, 2016.  Appointments are held in the Administration Building, located at 201 Cedar Street, Florence, NJ.

A Parent/Legal Guardian must be present at registration and have originals of the following documents when registering:

1.  The grade-appropriate, completed enrollment packet and any applicable Additional Forms

2.   Proof of residency (3 original and current)

        o  Driver’s license or other photo identification with current address
        o  Mortgage Statement, Copy of Deed, Title, or Copy of Apartment Lease
        o  Utility Bill (PSEG, Cable TV, water/sewer), Tax Bill, or other acceptable proof of residency

3.  Proof of child’s date of birth (1 original) – Birth Certificate or passport

4.  Immunization records in English – physicians immunization card, school health record or physical examination report form

5.  School Transfer records (if available) - transcript, report card, State or district transfer card

The registration instructions on the first page of the enrollment packet will guide you to the forms and documents needed for registration.  Please read the instructions carefully after printing the applicable packet.  Other required forms that may apply to you may be found in Additional Forms.

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with the enrollment process, please contact Wendy Spera at 609-499-4600x1006