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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Florence Township School District is to equip each of its students with fundamental knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary to function as a contributing, independent member of society.

Congruently the Roebling Elementary School and all stakeholders including children, staff, parents, and community will commit themselves to the development of the holistic needs of each and every child.

By using innovative and diverse strategies, our learning community will develop:

* Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

* The understanding that how children learn is equally important as what they learn.

* A positive self-expression and self-image with an emphasis on social and emotional character development (SECD).

* Best teaching practices designed to effectively deliver the 2009 New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards based upon research and data-analysis.

* A desire for lifelong learning.

* A school climate that believes all students can and will learn.

* Differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of all learners.

Through their high professional standards and commitment to best practice, staff and administration will encourage individual excellence and achievement of all
children with the continued cooperation and support of their families and community.

1330 Hornberger Avenue
Roebling, New Jersey 08554
Phone: 609-499-4640
Jared Peltzman, Principal


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