9th Grade Orientation Information!!

High School Counseling Services

The following resources may help families assist their children in coping with loss.

Helping Your Child Cope 
  • Allow children to be the teachers about their grief experiences
  • Don’t assume that every child in a certain age group understands death in the same way or with the same feelings
  • Grieving is a process, not an event
  • Help all children, regardless of age, to understand loss and death
  • Encourage children to ask questions about loss and death
  • Children will need long-lasting support
  • Be aware of your own need to grieve

Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, and Grief

Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, and Grief Tips for Teachers and Parents

The Burlington County Crisis Helpline (866-234-5006) is available 24 hours a day. 


Important Update from the NJ DOE:Graduation
Requirements Class 2016, 2017, and 2018


The prime function of the counselors is to help all students begin a realistic appraisal of his/her abilities, achievements, interests, and values so that he/she will be better able to make intelligent, personal, educational, and career decisions. Each student needs to be aware of alternatives to, and consequences of, his/her decisions and a counselor will provide him/her an opportunity to assess these situations.  Florence Township Memorial High School affirms the rights of all students to pursue an educational program without regard to sex, religion, or ethnic background.

Mrs. Nancy SebastianHigh School Counselor499-4620 Ext. 4224
Mr. Joseph VargaHigh School Counselor499-4620 Ext. 4223
John LamaestraSubstance Awareness/
Student Assistance Counselor
499-4620 Ext. 4225
Mrs. Kathy GolaHigh School Guidance Secretary499-4620 Ext. 4217





Students are encouraged to see their counselor if they have any questions about scheduling. Counselors are assigned students whose last name begins with the following letters:

Mrs. Sebastian  Mr. Varga 
Seniors A-K Seniors L-Z
Juniors A-J Juniors K-Z 
Sophomores A-LSophomores M-Z
Freshman A-KFreshman L-Z