December 4 / 7

December 7, 2020

Good morning, Today we are going to finish the work that was supposed to be done for homework the other day. Using your textbook complete the questions and terms. There will be a quiz on these terms on Friday, December 11. Turn it in before the end of class today. I will be on gogaurdian if you have questions and to help when I see you get stuck!!

Pages 166-175 text workTurn In Here

December 8 / 9

December 8, 2020

In class we are going to discuss the basics of the Articles of Confederation, but more importantly get started looking at the specifics of the Constitution. We will examine the Amendments, branches of government and finally Supreme Court cases that influence our government..

Articles / Constitution DiscussionTurn In here!!

December 10 / 11

December 10, 2020

We are going to finish discussing the notes from the other day. We will make sure we have it all completed before we finish today. After we finish this you will be given a google form to complete that helps you to focus as you read portions of the textbook. Read pages:

Homework 1 Chapter 9Turn in Here

December 14 /15

December 15, 2020
Classwork / Grade Gift

In small groups (we will pick once we get in) we are going to complete a Constitutional Scavenger Hunt. You can use to help you. The group that completes the most - to drop their lowest grade (quiz) during this marking period. Second place gets to have one No Homework pass. One person from each group will make a copy and then share with the other members - only on person needs to turn it in - but all members must put their names on it for credit.

Constitutional Scavenger HuntTurn In here!

December 16 / 17

December 18, 2020
Both are Class Grades

So there are two assignments in bookwidgets (one was assigned a while ago that many did not finish). The second one is being assigned now to help you get ready for your final assessment on the Constitution.

Book Widgets Part 1No need to turn in!!

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