Preschool Program Information




Registration Packet 

Please print registration packet and complete in its entirety.

** Please click Registration Link ABOVE for packet**

Please bring completed packet AND all other requested information to the Administration Office located at 201 Cedar Street, Florence, NJ.

The local district must provide free public education to "any person who is domiciled within the district: (NJSA 18A:38-1(a)". Domicile is where a person (parent or guardian) is eligible to vote, pays taxes, and has a "fixed" residence.


Once packet is complete and ALL documents requested to register are available, bring all forms to the Administration office located at 201 Cedar Street, Florence.  Registrations will be taken between the hours of 7:30am-12:00pm and 2:15pm-3:45pm Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted.   Registration appointments are necessary Please follow the link below to schedule your appointment.

2020-2021 Registration Sign up

Pre-School Registration - Half Day, Tuition Based, please call (phone #) 609-499-4600 ext. 2017 for availability.

A Parent / Legal Guardian must be present at registration.  Please read the instructions carefully after printing the registration packet.  Other required forms that may apply to you may be found below.

Section A:

Homeowner / Host Certification

 **To be completed by the Florence Township homeowner/host when the child and his/her parent/legal guardian are residing with that homeowner/host without a written lease and without paying rent.

 Homeowner Certification

**To be completed by the Florence Township homeowner when the child and his/her parent/legal guardian are residing in  that homeowner's home without a lease and without paying rent AND homeowner resides at a separate address.

Landlord Certification

**To be completed by the landlord when the child and his/her parent/legal guardian are residing in a dwelling managed by that landlord without a written lease.

Section B:

 Affidavit Student - Parent/Legal Guardian Certification for an Affidavit Student

 **Complete this section if the student is living with a person domiciled in the district, other than the parent or guardian.


Section C:

Temporary Resident - Sworn Affidavit of Temporary Residence

 **Complete this section if the student is living with a parent/legal guardian temporarily residing within the district even if the parent has domicile elsewhere.


Change of Address Form - complete and return with proof of residency


Free/Reduced Lunch Application

EDP Information 


If you have any questions or experience difficulties with the enrollment process, please contact Wendy Spera at (phone #) 609-499-4600 ext. 1006



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