In the ever changing world that we live our reopening plan is constantly being updated. This page will help guide you to keep up to date on the process and changes that are being made. Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to follow the state guidelines and keeping your students safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions our families, students and community members may have regarding the Florence Township School District's plan reopening plan for the 2020-21 school year.Our re-entry plan was created in accordance with state requirements outlined in the NJDOE Road Back planning document. Our reopening plan was presented and approved at the July 29, 2020 FTSD Board of Education meeting and was submitted to the Burlington County Superintendent thereafter. The full plan can be found at https://www.florence.k12.nj.us/.  The details are subject to change as directives from governing authorities, health officials, or public health conditions determine.

Am I allowed to change my student’s learning option before January?

When making a selection, parents are committing to stay in the option of their choice until January unless a child has an IEP/504.

Are visitors allowed on campus?

 At this time visitor access is limited to appointment only. Temperature checks are conducted upon entry to the front office and there is a controlled access point in each school to minimize gathering.

How involved do I need to be as a parent in my child’s learning during this hybrid/remote time?

Both students in the hybrid/remote and all virtual settings require adult guidance. Parents should always think of themselves as a “learning coach,” meaning you should provide daily guidance to your learners and also check in with the student throughout the week to ensure that activities are being completed at a rate consistent with completion in one semester. Parents are expected to oversee their child’s participation and provide guidance in completing assignments and seeking teacher feedback.

Is my child able to take part in extracurricular activities, clubs or sports during the  hybrid/remote and virtual learning?

Currently we are offering extracurricular activities and sports both virtually and in person at the highschool level. We will be offering extracurricular activities at Riverfront and Roebling at a later date.

Who do I contact if my child’s Chromebook isn’t working properly?

Please immediately inform your child’s teacher to let them know of the problem and what steps you’ve taken to fix the problem. You can do this in Google Classroom or via email. Ask for the work your child missed and then contact our technology department at mgupta@florence.k12.nj.us or 609.499.4620.

Are face coverings required when entering school buildings?

Yes. Students, staff, vendors and visitors are required to wear face coverings on campus. Students shall wear these face coverings during extracurricular activities, as well as on school buses. If a student or staff member forgets or loses the mask, a disposable one will be provided for the day. School administration or staff will be stationed at entry points throughout each campus to remind students to wear face coverings prior to entering campus.

What measures have been taken to socially distance students while at school?

Every classroom has been redesigned to maximize space and distance between each student. We utilize outdoor spaces when possible, have limited large gatherings, and control student movement through one way corridors. Plexiglass dividers are also provided for each student and teacher. Portable dividers are also available to teachers as requested. Administrators have created site-based procedures for restrooms to allow for social distancing, proper hand washing, and regular cleaning schedule. 

Are students able to eat in school?

Our district has set up a grab-and-go breakfast & lunch program where breakfast/lunch is hand delivered to those students whose parents complete the online form prior to arrival for each school week. Snack time is available and directed by classroom teachers for behind the mask eating.

How often are the schools being cleaned?

Schools are cleaned throughout the day, focusing on major touch entry points in common areas such as doorknobs, handles, elevator buttons, stairwell railings, light switches and soap dispensers. Custodial staff have created a daily schedule to clean widely used areas such as bathrooms and classrooms throughout the workday. Fogging procedures take place in each classroom after staff leave. Additional disinfecting is performed prior to the arrival of district staff in high-traffic areas such as the front office. All custodial staff wear face masks and gloves.Deep cleaning: If a positive COVID-19 case is determined within a school or building, district staff will use an approved chemical and fogging machine to disinfect any area deemed appropriate by contract tracing processes. 

What precautions are you taking on school buses?

Students are encouraged to stay socially distanced while at the bus stop. We currently only allow 22 students per bus. Hand sanitizer stations are set up on each bus and students are encouraged to use it upon entry and exit. All students being busses must wear masks at all times. Bus drivers will have disposable masks to hand out to students in the event a student does not have his or her mask. Ventilation is incorporated into the bus along with air conditioning systems and open bus windows. The buses are being cleaned throughout the day. Bus drivers wipe down high-touch areas between each run. 

What is the district doing to ensure children and staff are mentally healthy?

Students, staff and families have encountered additional stress and anxiety over these past few months. The district has set up enhanced partnerships with a network of mental health professionals to provide additional services during this time. We have also set up an ongoing consultation to school-based teams on mental health, threat assessments and suicide assessment and have instituted mental wellness checks during the day with both students and staff. Through our FTSD Mental Health Committee composed of administrators, teachers, counselors, staff and parents, we are committed to identifying needs of the educational and mental health issues that affect the youth in our district. Parents may visit the FTSD website at https://www.florence.k12.nj.us/ to inquire about our community partnerships and explore other possible agencies that may be available to assist students with mental health concerns.

When will you revisit school reopening for everyone on a full day schedule?

The District will continue to monitor the current pandemic and case count throughout the town and the county. It is our goal that we will return to full day instruction, but we must follow safety guidelines. 

Are there restrictions on physical education (PE) classes or use of locker rooms?

Students must adhere to social distancing guidelines during all instructional time. Classes will adhere to limited contact and limit shared equipment. There is no use of locker rooms at this time.

What are the childcare options for FTSD families?

We currently offer a before school/after care program for students who are in person on the hybrid schedule.