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Welcome to Riverfront Middle School

500 East Front Street
Florence, NJ 08518

Riverfront Staff

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August 16, 2022
New Teacher Orientation
August 17, 2022
New Teacher Orientation
August 19, 2022
Summer EDP Ends
September 1, 2022
Staff In-Service Day
September 2, 2022
Staff In-Service / One Session Day
September 6, 2022
First Day Of School / Full Day
September 6, 2022
EMP Program Begins

Parent Corner


Parents and students alike should be familiar with our handbook.  You will find everything from dress-code to academics.


Our cafeteria offers off some excellent daily choices. Menus, reloading student accounts and other important information can be found here.


If you are new to our family or need to bring in another new member, everything you need is here. If you need help be assured help is easy to get.

Clubs and Activities

We pride ourselves for halving something for almost everyone! Check out what we are doing.

Extended Day Program

We offer an exciting EDP (extended day program) as well as EMP (extended morning program). Registration and contact information can be found here.


Keep up to date with grades, forms and other pertinent information on your students.

Enrichment / Honors

This presentation allows our families to see all of the requirements and information for our Enrichment and Honors Programs!


Anxiety Presentaton

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Lead Water Testing Update

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Covid Testing

Roebling ReadsTesting Information

Asbestos Compliance Notification

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School Insurance

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ESS - Hiring

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Parent Playlists

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Coronavirus Information

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