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Special Services

The Florence Township Public School District offers free services to preschool children with special needs. Information, professional guidance and an education program, if needed, are all available, free of charge, through the Florence Township Public School District. If you know of a child who may be having difficulties, please call the Office of Special Education of the Florence Township Public School District at (phone) 609-499-4600 ext 2017. All information is strictly confidential.​

Use the following developmental checklist to help you determine if your child could benefit from a special education program and seek help early! (
Developmental Checklist)

When a family is concerned that a child may be developmentally or educationally delayed, the first thing they want is more information. Professionals who work with the child and family may also need information - important information that can help ensure that services are in place to meet the child's educational needs.

The New Jersey State Department of Education has established Project CHILD FIND, a free public awareness and referral service, to assist families, professionals and interested individuals by identifying available early intervention, preschool disabilities and special education programs and services throughout New Jersey. (To learn more about Project CHILD FIND click here)

Project CHILD FIND provides information on resources which may include state, local and community programs offering child and family support, educational programs, social services, health and other specialized services. Assisting families and professionals in finding appropriate resources and special services for children is the primary goal to Project CHILD FIND.

Some children are born with, or may later contract, physical or mental conditions which delay their normal growth and development. If parents recognize the special needs of their children early, and if they seek help from professionals who care, then the better will be their children’s chances of reaching their full potential.

Project CHILD FIND is a free referral service and public awareness campaign to assist in the identification of unserved/under-served youth with a delay or disability from birth through twenty-one years of age.

In addition, Project CHILD FIND develops and distributes information to the public about early intervention services and special education programs throughout New Jersey.

Information through Project CHILD FIND may be obtained by calling the toll-free number, 1-800-322-8174, which is in service 7 days a week, 24-hours a day. All calls received are confidential.

*Project CHILD FIND is a service of the New Jersey Department of Education to help identify under-served disabled children birth to 21 years of age. Project CHILD FIND is funded through a grant from the United States Department of Education.(Click here to Learn More about Project CHILD FIND in BurliCST Fax # (609) 499-0259                                                                                                                                

Special Education In Florence Township School District
Special Education in the Florence Township Public Schools is distinguished by the following characteristics:

• Comprehensive evaluation of a student’s learning and behavioral characteristics;
• Instruction by teachers trained and certified in the education of children with special needs;
• Instruction provided in classes maximizing optimal class size while considering the least restrictive environment;
• Instruction tailored to students’ skills and needs;
• Use of specialized methods, materials and equipment, if necessary, and determined by the IEP team;
• Ongoing monitoring of student’s progress and program with revision, if necessary.
• Provision of related services as determined to be educationally based and outlined in the IEP