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Florence Township

Keeping in Contact

One of the most important aspects of your students education is the contact that you have between yourself and the district. With the use of social media, email, and phones this communication can really make a difference in the success of your student. This contact can be to ask questions to teachers, report safety issues, or announce an accomplishment that your have witnessed.

Questions or Concerns

First and foremost if there is an immediate safety concern please call the school or district administration as soon as possible.

Depending on the question or concern we ask that you start with the most immediate individual in the situation. If the concern is based on a grade, classroom issue, or assignment than we ask that you begin by reaching out to the teacher or teachers involved. All staff emails are located on the school webpages. If you do not feel that your question or concern is not being give the attention it deserves, please reach out to the school administrator.

If the issue is more school based such as a safety concern, question about activities, or other school based issue please reach out to the school administration. Each buildings phone number and email is found on the school webpage.

Finally, the district administration can be contacted to help with any situation that you feel needs their attention.

Contact Information

Having your contact information up to date helps our teachers and staff ensure that they have the ability to contact you when necessary. Our Genesis portal is provided for you to ensure that your contact information is updated. The directions for Genesis are here to help if you need help. If you have further questions on how to update or log in please contact Mr. Gupta in the technology department.

Monthly Smores

The district administration as well as each school publishes a monthly newsletter. Each is posted on either the school's website or the district page. The newsletter helps to send out pertinent information for the coming month as well as student and staff accomplishments. Be sure to check them out each month to keep updated with important dates.

Social Media

Finally we do our best to keep our social media as up to date as possible. If you are on social media make sure you follow our pages to ensure that you get the latest up to the minute information and see all of the accomplishments of our district.