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FTSD Technology Information

The Florence Township Board of Education believes that all students should be afforded
the opportunity to utilize technology for the purpose of enhancing academic achievement. 
In support of this belief, the Board recognizes the enormous potential that a superior infrastructure will give the teachers and students of the district.  Concomitant with the acquisition of technology must be ongoing, high quality training and support programs to maximize effective use of technology resources. 

The overarching goal is to produce individuals who will be able to use all types of
technology to solve problems, create reports and presentations and to gather knowledge
both individually and collaboratively in preparation of being active members of a global community.

Our Technology Overview...

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Florence Township School District is arranged in a Star Topology. There are three major networks in the Florence Township School District. The segmentations are Florence Township Memorial High School, Riverfront Middle School, and Roebling Elementary School. Florence Township Memorial High School is the main network distribution for any incoming and outgoing World Wide Web access for the whole school District. In terms of the star topology the high school is the main hub while Riverfront and Roebling are the spokes. Each school building in the district acts in itself as a star topology.

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Educational Resources:

  • Google Apps: Each student has their own secure account
  • Naviance: Students use this for college preparation and application
  • Genesis: Student information system for grading and secure student information
  • Websites: District, school and teacher websites for updates
  • Smores: Updated weekly and monthly Smores for the newest information
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Support Services:

District: Mr. Gupta ensures the secure running of all technology in the district.

Through our technology department, FTSD works to ensure our students have the most updated resources. Each building has staff members that have been trained in both Google Apps for education, as well as other educationl resources.

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Computer Equipement:

At FTSD we are focued on giving our students and teachers hands on technology. Each educational setting has a desktop, projector, interactive board, and chromebook. Our students are either fitted with a chromebook or IPad depending on the grade level.

Tips for Parents Supporting Remote Learning
hyperlink : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Srx1VX2daFI&t=8s

As we engage in this new world of distance learning/remote teaching/online teacher, we’re all trying out best to find our way forward.

Please check out this short video offering suggestions geared toward parents/guardians acknowledging the challenges and offering some suggestions about how we can build a partnership to benefit our students/their children.

Helping with At-Home Learning
When we shifted to remote learning, some schools went on a synchronous approach (live sessions) while others went with an asynchronous approach (prerecorded plans, activities, and instructions). We know that both of these approaches put pressure on you at home!
Please check out this short video that will help with creative ideas!

The following resources can help parents with learning at home:
The Work-From-Home Parent’s Guide to At-Home Learning During COVID-19
Parents Guide to Distance Learning
Parents Guide to Online Learning
How Parents Can Help Kids Learn From Home  
A Parent’s Guide for Teaching at Home

----Article & Resources
Supporting the emotional well-being of your school community can be a challenge even in the best of circumstances -- but in these difficult times, this task may seem even more daunting. Here is advice to support yourself and your school community in online learning environments and during times of crisis.

10 Tips to Support Mental Health in Online Learning Environments
hyperlink: https://www.techlearning.com/features/10-tips-to-support-mental-health-in-online-learning-environments

Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, millions of young people and their families have seen their local schools closed down for weeks or the entirety of the remaining academic year. Thanks to education leaders and organizations across the United States, there are myriad resources for young people, parents, and educators to find grounding during this unprecedented moment and engage in rich distance learning experiences.

hyperlink: https://education-reimagined.org/distance-learning-resource-center/

Remote Learning Resources
With recent changes to schooling due to COVID-19, Trying Together has compiled a list of remote learning resources to support teachers, parents, and students as they transition to and navigate remote learning.