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Monthly Newsletter

Our administration does great job summing up the monthly activities.  By using "Smores" we try to ensure that you get an in-depth view of what we are up to.

Parent / Teacher Organization

Click here to join our PTAO family or catch up on the latest happenings of the organization .

Counseling Department

Our counselors are constantly working with students to help them in preparation for their future, or just helping them cope with the daily issues of life. Keep up with their news and programs.


Parents and students alike should be familiar with our handbook.  You will find everything from dress-code to academics.


If you are new to our family or need to bring in another new member, everything you need is here. If you need help be assured help is easy to get.

Extended Day Program

We offer an exciting EDP (extended day program) as well as EMP (extended morning program). Registration and contact information can be found here.


Our cafeteria offers off some excellent daily choices. Menus, reloading student accounts and other important information can be found here.

BSI Parent Program Overview

What is Basic Skills? Why does your child receive these services? Our Roebling School BSI Team explains the process and what it all means.


Asbestos Compliance Notification

More Information

School Insurance

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ESS - Hiring

ESS - Flyer

Parent Playlists

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Lead Water Testing Update

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Anxiety Presentaton

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